Despite the Title, Privileged is Worth Your Time

If they only had a better name, they might be able to find a bigger audience. People hear Privileged and they think "teen soap about rich kids" when in fact this show is more along the lines of Gilmore Girls (it's not quite that good, but if you were a GG fan you'll probably like this).

This week's episode wasn't as good as the previous two, but the show continues to be smart, charming, and fun. The sister dynamics continue to be strong. I like how Sage can be such a bitch (and by the by the actress who plays her is 20, not 30, as had been previously speculated), but is still a better sister to Rose than Megan is to Lily. But not everything is as black and white as most shows in this genre can be. Everyone is a little to blame (some more than others), which is often the case in real life.

They've also set up the perfect love pentagangle (I'm counting Megan, Will, Lily, Charlie, and Jacob (although we know he's probably not long for this world). Throw one (or both) of the twins in there and everything is even more complicated) and it's not obvious who will end up with whom. Will hooked up with Lily, which put a stop to the blooming Will-Megan romance. Charlie, Megan's best friend, is in love with her too, and while we normally would root for him (and I still partially am), Will may actually be a better fit for Megan. Charlie knows her really well and is supportive, but Will and Megan have more of a spark. Their banter is fun and flirty, and they could end up being a really good couple. He calls her out when she's being a hypocrite, and he also seems like a genuinely nice guy (although going out with Megan's sister was probably not the best idea, even if Lily and Will probably won't happen long-term). Lily could also end up meddling with a potential Charlie-Megan romance because it's clear that Lily and Charlie know each other and connect even when they don't get along.

All of this sounds crazy, but it actually makes watching much more fun, because it isn't predictable. I might be a little insane, devoting so much time speculating about what's going to happen to a show on the CW (which lost all credibilty after canceling Veronica Mars), but this might be my favorite new show of the season (sorry, Fringe). Also, I am more like Megan than I care to admit, which might be contributing to this insanity.


Lily said...

so i watched this show. it was much better than i expected it to be, but at the same time i am a bit sick of shows about beautiful, rich girls who have everything but who we are somehow supposed to feel sorry for. but i'm not going to lie-- this show is sooooo fun to watch. also OHMYGOSH you are so much like the main character. you are FREAKING ADORABLE, have curly hair, like to solve problems, and are very straightforward. also YOUR NAME STARTS WITH AN M TOO. what are the chances.

Anonymous said...

ok, based solely on your review, I'll give it a shot (pressure...)

TiVo Queen said...

I moved this show onto my perma-view list (which means as long as it doesn't piss me off, it stays), but I don't see how Will expects to get any play with Megan after hooking up with Lily. No matter how "mild" the hookup - that's just a RULE. If Lily goes after Charlie...omg...I would freak out. I'm definitely rooting for him. :) I'm a sucker for the best friend turns romantic storyline.

Mads said...

Re The Rule: I know, but she clearly likes Will and in a weak moment she might give in (it probably wouldn't happen soon, but maybe sometime). But isn't Michael Cassidy (Charlie) just adorable? I'm rooting for him too, although I think they need to flesh out his character beyond "works at a restaurant, surfs, and is in love with his best friend."

Lily said...

DANG look how many comments on this jank! also, is tivo queen someone we know?

Mads said...

I know! I feel like this comment is cheating a little, though. I should say something relevant. Oh, yeah. So I read my review again and I realized I forgot to mention that this show, while a fun show, is still on my "guilty pleasure" list. It's got more substance than I had initially thought, but it's still very fluffy and happy, even when dealing with the characters' problems. Which is not actually such a bad thing. There are plenty of serious shows (and awkward-funny shows, which, while hilarious, can be painful to watch sometimes) out there and truly happy shows are in short supply (not that there aren't any. Pushing Daisies, for example. Oh boy I'm over explaining. What I meant to say was that escapist fare can be good sometimes, and Privileged fits into that category perfectly.) Geez Lily, I decide to reply to your comment and end up going off on a tangent. So to answer your question, tivo queen is not someone we know outside of these here internets.

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