Fringe: Insane (But in a Good Way)

Thoughts on last night's premiere of "Fringe," which was alternately gross, strange, funny, surprising, and a tad bit crazy:

The Good:
-Joshua Jackson and John Nobel. Their compelling father-son relationship could be a show all by itself.
-The supporting cast shows a lot of promise, and the characters are generally intriguing.
-The evil corporation. It opens up so many doors, and the possibilities make me confident in the series, even though the pilot could have been better.
- "How long has he been dead?" "Five hours." "Question him." Killing people won't be enough on this show- bodies will have to be disposed of so no one else can question the deceased. Being able to communicate with someone if they've been dead for less than six hours is a great plot device and I think they'll get a lot of use out of it (Until someone OD's on LSD, that is.)
-The Cow. Come on, you know you loved that cow.

The Bad:
-I'm not completely sold on Anna Torv yet. I though her American accent wasn't that great (she's Australian) and I don't know if she has the chops to keep up with Joshua Jackson and John Noble. While I got a sense of everyone else's character within 30 seconds of meeting them (more of less, her boyfriend being the obvious exception), I still wasn't sure who Olivia Dunham was after 95 minutes and she was in nearly every scene. That being said, I liked that she wasn't a glammed-up barbie doll. I saw hints of potential every now and then, and I'm willing to give Anna Torv the chance to grow on me.
-Those "cool" 3-D titles were just plain annoying. If we have to have location titles, I'd like mine nice and regular, please.

The X-Files rip-offs:
-I was worried that this would be an X-Files copycat, but I'm not really getting that vibe (the crazy inexplicable mysteries aside, of course. Although Fringe seems to center its conspiracies around extreme science, as opposed to aliens.) That thing with the kids disappearing and then reappearing years later not having aged a day was an X-Files episode, though. And that kid was creeeeepy.
-The opening title sequence was giving me X-Files flashbacks. Awesome. I am, of course, talking about the old X-Files title sequence and not the blah Mulder-less seasons' X-Files titles.
-This wasn't a rip-off of The X-Files, per say, but having the airplane passengers' flesh melt off was a very X-Fileian thing to do.

I had heard great things about this show and horrible things about this show, but the most common thing I heard was that it was good, but people were expecting more. This was, however, my first exposure to J.J. Abrams, so I think I had lower expectations than some.
I think I'll watch a few more episodes and decide if I'll be tuning in regularly. All things considered, I though the pilot was pretty good.


TiVo Queen said...

We agree on everything else so I'll make it 10/10: yes, I love the frickin' cow!!!! And the dialogue about the cow.

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