Fringe: Ripping Off Other Sci-Fi Shows Since 2008

Drawing the future? Never seen that before. Except oh wait we have on Heroes. Oh Fringe, I'm trying so hard to like you but you keep ripping off other shows. I wasn't even go to watch this week's episode until I saw TiVo Queen's post, and since she and I have nearly identical tastes in TV, I thought I'd give it one more try. And after viewing this episode in its entirety, I generally agree with her assessment.

Anna Torv is improving, not to the point where I like her, but to the point where I can see liking her in the future if she continues to step it up. Pacey, sorry, Peter (I actually wrote Pacey there when I meant to write Peter. Maybe the character's name should have been Alex or Tom or something) has been established as a genius, which means that the writers continue their love affair with him to the point where he can basically do whatever is required of the plot. That needs to end. But overall, this show is not bad to watch, even though most of us were expecting a lot more.

If I were running the show, I would realize that it's never go to have the shock or creepiness factor of The X-Files and instead focus on our quirky trio solving strange mysteries. I would stop getting bogged down trying to be scary or conspiratorial, and instead just be out there and interesting. Come on, writers, use your imaginations. All you have to do is come up with crazy ideas and write them into the scripts. You can have them investigate anything. There is no limit. Just think, wouldn't it be cool if some guy was invisible or some girl could breathe underwater or there was this secret underground community of gnomes or if there were some ape-human hybrids who could talk? I want to see invisibility and talking animals, ASAP.


TiVo Queen said...

You had me at ape-human hybrid! I love it! They should open up a "suggestions" box on their site. Remember how Fear Factor used to let you email in what you wanted to see the contestants do? Fringe could do the same.

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