Gossip Girl. OMFG.

The things that were good last week (Blair and Chuck) were still good this week, and the things that were meh last week (Dan and Serena, Nate) were still pretty meh this week. BUT. We got a whole new delicious twist that I did not see coming and therefore actually gasped when it was revealed that Nate's cougar is Blair's new boyfriend's stepmother. And then later Blair walked in on them going at it hot and heavy in a library and proclaimed, "Oh My eFfing God." Which is, in case you just got here from Mars and therefore missed all of the OMFG promos for Gossip Girl, awesome and a half.

Also, have I mentioned yet how much I love Blair? Yes, I think I did, but I will again: I LOVE BLAIR. Either the writting for her has gotten much better or Leighton Meester has become a much better comedic actress (or both), because I don't remember loving Blair this much last fall. This show is often described as The O.C. on the Upper East Side minus the funny, but Blair Waldorf keeps making me laugh. ("He's a lord and I love him.") In fact, I bet if she was paired off with Dan, she would make his character a lot less whiny and a lot more fun. But that can never happen, becuase Blair has to be with the equally fabulous Chuck. Speaking of Chuck, selling his shares of the club to be able to lend Nate's family money? So sweet. Bad boys acting sweet is always nice, so long as they aren't defanged. Nate was a really baby about it though. In fact, the only scene in this episode where I actually liked Nate was when he caught Dan and Serena (who, ok, were slightly less boring than last week. Slightly.) making out and asked, in a nice and genuinely interested way, if they were back together. So often on this show people getting caught by their exes (that's Serena and Nate I'm talking about here, God that was a long time ago) results in people being weird for no reason, but this 10 second scene was really cute for some reason, and all three actors did a good job. Maybe that's the secret of dealing with Nate and Dan and Serena: 10 second scenes. Actually, the same rule could apply to Jenny and Rufus and Vanessa (p.s. Girlfriend? You and Nate? Never going to happen. I was actually detecting some squicky vibes between you and Rufus. Ick. Please don't go there. xoxo, blogger girl)


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