Heroes: Is Anyone Going To Die? Ever?

So I finally saw the season three premier and you know what? I kind of don't care anymore. I miss Kristen Bell being awesome as Veronica- as Elle she's a tad bit whiny. And as great as it was to see fellow VM alum Francis Capra, I was under the impression that he would be playing an actual villain, not Peter Petrelli stuck in a villain's body. While Future Peter is surprisingly kick-ass, I'm not as big a fan of now Peter. Give Weevil his own character please!

Also, are Micah and Molly and Monica gone? I'm fine without the kids, but Monica's power was really cool and she was ten thousand times less annoying than Maya. Oh and speaking of Maya and Mohinder, who really gives a crap? Those two are the least interesting people on this show. And now Mohinder's the incredible hulk? Whatevs. We've got to kill some people on this show, can it please be them?

As for the big reveal that Mrs. Petrelli is Sylar's mother, well, who on this show isn't related to someone else? I'm thinking that at the end of season seven it will be revealed that they are all one, big, dysfunctional family. They will fight all through family dinner about whose powers are cooler and there will be weekly wrestling matches, but no one will ever die (they will all be immortal thanks to Mohinder's spiffy scientist skills). The sibling rivalries will be extreme, but in the end, they will all stick together because in their heart of hearts, they really love each other. It will be like Brothers and Sisters, but with powers. I'm now imagining Cristine Rose (Mama Petrelli) kicking Sally Field's ass. OMG BEST SHOW EVA!!


Mads said...

I felt that I should make it clear that I was joking when I said that the dysfunctional family of heroes show would be the best show ever. Becuase it wouldn't. But I still think we might be headed that way...

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