It's A New Season!, Teen Soaps Edition, part 1- Gossip Girl

I watched the first few episodes of Gossip Girl last fall when I was suffering from Veronica Mars withdrawal and wasn't impressed. So when I tuned in Monday to the season 2 premier, I wasn't expecting much. But I was pleassently surprised that this show has gotten a lot better. Not that it's quality television or anything, just that it doesn't, you know, suck.

I think this is because when I was watching last year, all the focus was on whiny Serena and whiny Dan and their non-chemistry filled relationship. But now the writers have wised up and made the focus bitchy Blair and smarmy Chuck. It's like how on "The O.C.," everyone liked Ryan and Marissa at first, but once Seth and Summer came into the picture, they became everyone's favorite couple. Blair and Chuck's "relationship" (I put that in quotes because they are not actually in a romantic relationship. For the time being.) has sparks, it had chemistry, it has delicious tension and real conflict. In real life I would hate those two, but they're so much fun to watch on TV. It makes me wonder why Blake Lively is still the face of the show, when Leighton Meester is better looking (long, blond hair doesn't always make you the prettiest girl in the room) and a much better actor. There was also some stuff with Jenny, who is also boring but has a pretty new haircut, Eric, who forgave Jenny for something and did her a favor even though she didn't apologize (??? Remember I missed the end of last season, so I don't know what's going on there), and Serena's grandma, who is nice all of a sudden.

I probably won't watch Gossip Girl much during the season (I'll be watching How I Met Your Mother and DVR-ing Chuck), but it's nice to know that this show actually deserves some of its buzz.


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