It's A New Season!, Teen Soaps Edition, part 2- One Tree Hill

I watched this show occasionally last year. They had jumped forward 4 years in time (which was a smart move- it enabled the show to bypass college and it put the characters at the same age as the actors), and the show felt fresh. There were new, grown-up problems and interesting antagonists. It still was an unrealistic melodrama, but it wasn't a bad unrealistic melodrama. But I don't think I will ever watch the show again after Monday night.

They brought back problems they should have been done with and they set up crazy situations that will no doubt play out in a highly contrived and over-the-top manner.

Other complaints:
-Weren't the lyrics in the song that Nathan and Haley's son was dancing to a bit inappropriate for a five year old?
-Speaking of which, shouldn't that kid be in school?
-I honestly did not give a crap who Lucas picked to go to Vegas. We knew it wouldn't be Brooke, and it probably wasn't going to be Lindsay. Which leaves Peyton. That's ok. Those two are so annoying that they deserve each other.
-I knew they weren't going to go through with the wedding in Vegas. No one on TV ever does (except for Ross and Rachel, but they were drunk and that wasn't their original plan. And then they get divorced, Ross's third. I love that show. Not for that story line, just in general.) They're about to, and then they realize that they want to get married in front of their friends and family; they want it to be special. Which sets up a whole season of planning a wedding. Wow, haven't ever seen this storyline on TV before.
-Why do these people always call each other by their full names when they're having heart-to-hearts? "I love you Brooke Davis." "I'm going to miss you Marvin McFaden." NO ONE IN REAL LIFE DOES THAT.
-On the other hand, no one in real life gets hit by a car just as their transplant pager beeps, then gets dragged to a house disguised as a hospital room by an evil ex-nannie who wants help kidnapping the person's grandson. So maybe I shouldn't be complaining about the use of full names.


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