I love makeovers on Top Model. The tears, the tantrums, it's all good. I'd say that the haircuts were generally good this year, with the glaring exception of Elina. Every once in a while, an ANTM contestant will come into the competition with a haircuts that really works on them, something that could be high fashion. But Tyra and her cronies cannot not make a change (the least I can ever remember them doing is cutting off a few inches of Heather's long, dark, straight hair), so instead of Elina having a cute, flattering haircut, she has a bright red weave that makes her look like Raggedy Anne. Now I love Raggedy Anne (she was my first doll and is probably under my bed somewhere right now), but big, red, curly hair only works on a select few, and Elina isn't one of them. The judges kept saying how "high fashion" it is and how now she's "racially ambiguous" so every girl can look up to her. Yeah, every girl who is a Raggedy Anne doll.


annonymom said...

Red hair is only part of Raggedy Ann's secret - what makes it for her is also that huge smile (makes SOME people grin right back!) and her little imprinted heart - so there, ANTM!

Lily said...

against my better judgement i sort of like elina's haircut... in the photo it looked really pretty. but i will not refute your claim that it looks like raggedy ann. because that is entirely true. but i think it's kinda cool in an ugly way... if that makes any sense. also, I LOVE YOU.

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