My parents fianlly caved!

...And got us Fios. And now I must express my undying love for it. The zillions of channels (we didn't even have cable before), the pretty, pretty picture (thank you HD), and of course, the DVR. Also, I'm loving the super fast internet (faster than our old DSL!) The installation, however, took a realllllly long time (I'm talking 4 1/2 hours), so my TV viewing last night was interupted. I watched House on the tiny TV in our guest room that did not get the Fios treatment, but I only saw part of Fringe (the Fios guy was explaining how to use the remote. Which I then programed to be our DVD remote too. Yeah. It's awesome.) I also have yet to see Heroes, Privileged, and Chuck (the season two premier is available online- free on itunes and on hulu). So I'll be playing catch-up for the next few days, and some shows might not get reviewed this week. One more thing- I DVR'd The Daily Show last night and watched it this morning. That show is hilarious. And not having to sit through comercials is incredible. Long live Fios!


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