Oh Bones, remember when you used to be good?

I don't have much to say about Bones this week other than that it was a little bit better than last week and I totally called the murderer. I knew as soon as we saw the first suspect in the studio that it would be one of the assistants (they got names, which always means that we'll see them again). After they accused Veronica, I knew it was Pete. I know Bones isn't exactly known for its great mysteries, but come on, that couldn't have been more obvious. The crazy Booth humor was a bit toned down this week, which was good, and it was great to see Carla Gallo from Undeclared, but that scene in therapy at the end almost made me barf. I'll still keep watching, but probably just online the next day.


Anonymous said...

So we really don't need tivo?

Mads said...

Is that you Mom?

Yes we still need a DVR because I want to watch Pushing Daisies and record Top Model.

Nice try.

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