Privileged: I can't help it, I kind of love it

Objectively, Privileged is not a great show. But that's not going to stop me from watching it every week. Here's why: it's just plain fun. While bad things do happen to these characters, everything is all pretty light and fluffy, making it ideal escapist television.

Also, the writing is not horrendously bad like it is on many teen shows (*cough* 90210 *cough*). In fact, at times it was rather funny. Not laugh out loud, roll on the floor funny, but amusing non-the-less. I loved Megan's "Shout out to Uncle Ben!" after her "With great power comes great responsibility" line. It made me laugh instead of roll my eyes at what could have been a completely corny moment. Also, after her big speech, she feels the need to come back and explain that, "Uncle Ben is Spiderman's uncle, by the way. I don't have an Uncle Ben." (Am I a complete dork that I totallly knew who Uncle Ben was before she even explained it? Yes, yes I am.)

Joanna Garcia is an appealing lead as Megan Smith- a little bit neurotic, a little bit awkward, but still an adult. She's funny and relatable and I think it's really that which makes Privileged a great guilty pleasure show. The rest of the cast is decent as well (with the exception of Ashley Newbrough as bitchy twin Sage. Ah well, they can't all be winners, right?), and while I am (slightly) ashamed to say this, I will be watching next week.


TiVo Queen said...

Ashley Newbrough must be thirty years old!! It's ridiculous.

I couldn't help comparing Priviledged to 90210 and found it much more enjoyable so it's definitely staying on my list unless it pisses me off somehow.

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