They're Engaged!

The Office makes me so happy, I can't even stand it. The funny was back, Jim and Pam are getting married, and Ryan is once again at Dunder Mifflin Scranton. Also, this was the first one hour episode that didn't feel entirely too long. Half hours are always better, though. But after the disappointment of last season, I think the show is coming back strong.

-THE PROPOSAL! My brother thinks I am dumb to be this excited over a TV proposal. He is wrong, however, because that proposal was amazing.
-Ryan's back, and so is Micheal's man-crush (and Dwight's never ending quest to be Micheal's favorite).
-Angela's "That's how I sleep at night" speech.
-The awkward funniness of everyone trying to figure out how much Pam weighs.
-Holly: "No! You do not speak to him like that! He is mentally challenged!"
Kevin: "Wait, back up. You think I'm retarded?"

Only nitpick: No cold open? Those are often the funniest parts. Oh and a Jim/Dwight prank would have been nice.


Anonymous said...

I don't know, I can't help thinking that the engagement could run into trouble, what with Pam enjoying the big city and all. Having Ryan back was great - the whole thing was really funny!

Lily said...

i actually like hour-long episodes more because i feel like when it's a half-hour they get to caught up in conveying a whole storyline in 30 minutes and some of the funny-ness of the show gets a little lost. but whatever , bottom line is I LOVE THIS SHOW.

i'm going to write you up for NOT WORKING.

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