Well This Is Interesting

When my best friend and I were watching the premiere of 90210 together, we both observed multiple times how skinny the actresses were. Skinny as in, they need to eat a few cheeseburgers before they collapse from the lack of subsistence skinny. Now my best friend and I are both "normal"- nowhere near that skinny, but far from fat. And we both have fairly high self esteem (most days :) ) But it's still disheartening to see girls that impossibly skinny on TV and in the movies. And as teenage girls, we're statistically the most at risk for eating disorders. I like to think that I am above the influence of these stick-thin starlets, but I know I am not completely impervious. So it was good to see this article on EW.com addressing the issue.


TiVo Queen said...

Those girls are freakishly skeletal. I'd settle for seeing them wolf down some apples at this point.

annonymom said...

Interesting article, thanks for posting. (btw, you and your bf are just right!)

Lily said...

THANK YOU! seriously that main girl needs to eat a sandwich. like her leg is the size of my arm. and ok, if the camera adds 10 pounds, she must have a bmi of like negative 3.
p.s. im not trying to hate on skinny people, just so y'all know-- i just think these girls look like they are unhealthy.

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