You Wanna Be On Top?

Wow, I missed this show. I didn't even realize how much I missed it until I watched it. The "models of the future" theme was a bit much, but hey, it was campy and fun (which perfectly describes ANTM). Try as they may to be a serious modeling show promoting serious issues (like this week's voting photo shoot), it's never going to happen. So why not take the campy-ness and run with it? After the jump, a list of this season's models and my predictions on how far they'll go.

The Models of Cycyle 11 (in alphabetical order)

Analeigh- Former ice skater, barely got any screen time. Seems nice, but undramatic, which, while good in life, is not so good on Top Model. But Kat from last cycle didn't get much screen time until way later in the competition, so I wouldn't count Analeigh out just yet. I think she'll either go home in the next few weeks, or make it pretty far.

Brittany- Exotic look, had a good shoot this week. It will be interesting to see her personality come out. I don't think she'll make it abroad, but I really have no idea.

Clark- This season's bitch. She's pretty, but there's lots of room for improvement on her photo shoots. Still, she's good for some drama (plus Elina already has a crush on her). She'll be around for a while.

Elina- She has an interesting personality, and her photo this week was pretty good. It will be interesting to see what happens when she has to do "pretty" instead of "sexy." I think she'll go home around the halfway point.

Hannah- She is this year's "potential" girls- she could either be great and stay for a while, or she'll crash and burn and go home soon. She probably won't go this week or the week after, because girls with "unrealized potential" always stick around a week or two longer than they should, but it all really depends on her next two or three photoshoots. I bet she makes it to makeovers.

Isis- The transgender model that has some girls being homophobic and the rest trying their hardest to be politically correct. She really does know her modeling stuff though (she impressed Nigel by correctly answering his questions about light and camera angles), and got called out second this week. I say, baring a major meltdown, she makes it abroad. And I think there's a very good chance she'll take it all (I may be a little biased, though, because I really like her. I like how she's ok with being a role model, but she's really just there for herself- because she wants to be a model. You go Isis!)

Joslyn- I don't know. I don't really remember her. She seems to get along really well with the judges, and she took a decent photo (I think... like I said, I don't really remember her), so she'll probably make it past the next few weeks. But I don't see her going really far.

Lauren Brie- Eh. Kind of boring- she has the Anya pretty-ugly-looks-like-an-alien thing going for her (except Anya was prettier). Maybe she'll do alright if she makes it to makeovers and gets a really good cut. But I don't know. Half of her name is a cheese. I'm just saying.

Marjorie- I LOVE HER. She's this season's Heather- awkward and insecure, but takes beautiful photos. She's adorable- she reminds me of a blond Audrey Tautou in "Amélie." I say she gets really far unless her nerves get the better of her. But she really does have to get some confidence if she wants to win- otherwise the judges will kick her out on the basis that she has no "personality."

McKey- Formerly Brittany S. She has a really pretty face and took a fairly good picture (but she didn't have a good shoot overall). I think her future in the competition rests on her getting to makeovers, because the judges really don't like her red hair. If she gets a good makeover, and pulls together her posing, she'll probably make it to around the halfway point. But if next week's shoot is a disaster, I say she's going home.

Nikeysha- She kind of looks like a less-pretty Tyra. And that girl has no meat on her bones! She was in the bottom two this week because she couldn't take the critisism and kept interupting the judges. I think she's going home soon.

Samantha- Is noticably less mature than the other girls (she was a senior in high school when this was filming). She's pretty and blond, but she doesn't look like a top model. Maybe she'll do ok if she gets a good haircut.

ShaRaun- Karma's a bitch, aint it sweetie? After bad-mouthing Isis from the second she saw her and telling all the judges on their first meeting that she was America's next top model, this annoying 18-year-old went home the first week.

Sheena- I LOVE HER TOO. She has confidence, but she also is nice to and complements the other girls. She's classy and has a unique look (well, she looks like Kimora. But not many people do), and I really hope she can pull it together in photoshoots because this half-Korean, half-Japanese girl could actually make a splash in the modeling world.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great run down, and what's wrong with cheese?

Lily said...

lul i agree marjorie is adorable. also she was wearing a really cute dress for panel. HOPEFULLY tyra won't screw her up on makeover day. which p.s. i am so excited for. TYRA BOT WOOOOOO.

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