How this show annoys me sometimes

Oh, show. You still haven't hid your stride. You were better than last week, but Ted is becoming soooo unlikable. Some people have been pointing this out forever, but it never really bothered me until last night. Stop being so selfish, Ted! You really expect your fiance and her daughter to uproot their life just so you can keep your apartment?

And Lily, you idiot, why not take all the money Barney was offering? You only have to pay to fix the slanted floors in your new apartment and your husband is just starting a new job and you are a kindergarten teacher and don't make much money and you have tons of credit card debt and WHAT THE HELL, LILY? Barney paid for your honeymoon and you know he wouldn't back out of this. TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS IS A LOT OF MONEY. This really bothers me because I hate it when sitcom characters don't act like real people just to facilitate a joke (and it was a lame joke, I might add.) (Also, I feel like I've written this rant before. Hm. Update: Found it) So aside from me being generally annoyed at 2/5 of our main characters (make that 3/5- Marshall was also acting like a douche. Although I loved that he gave his anti-New York rant- which was very in character- while holding a jar of olives.)

I did like Barney trying to pick up a lesbian and, because my sense of humor's age is twelve, "No snakes on that plane." Also, Robin flipping over the cars was hilarious, as was her face immediately afterward. It's not like this episode was that bad, it's just that when this show is on, it's on and so far this season we haven't seen that level of awesomeness.

On a completely unrelated note, I got my season three DVDs from Amazon today, so if your name starts with an L and rhymes with "Billy" and you were complaining last night that you missed some of season three, you can borrow them and get caught up.


Lily said...

HAHAHAHA i love you.
i love that you knew i would be reading this.
aww i like this show! i don't know, i kind of feel like he would have to uproot his life to move in with stella too, and i know i know she has a kid or whatever BUT i kind of feel like come on, ted HATES new jersey, and maybe it is selfish, but giving up your entire life to move somewhere you despise would be hard for anyone this is officially a run-on sentence.
also: yeah i would totally have taken the 10,000 dollars. but i think it's really the principle of the thing. also in all honesty i think lily really enjoys seeing barney suffer. not actually, like with robin, but for stupid stuff like this that she can laugh at him about.

Lily said...


TiVo Queen said...

I felt like every inch of this show was mediocre - still better than half the sitcoms on television - but beneath the show.

In the realm of sitcom actors not acting like real people - actually walking off air and then expecting to get another job in the business is also unrealistic.

The best parts were:
1. The look on Barney's face when Robin says she's going to Japan
2. The Marshall NY rant

Anonymous said...

this show was pretty good, but i am really tired of Stella. Every show has been about how they disagree about things. it would be so dumb for them to get married, but the writers are still fleshing them out.
I probably am biased though, because I hate New Jersey too. New York over New Jersey any day!
And i was really annoyed at Robin moving to Japan. Like first of all, we totally saw this coming, but JAPAN?!?!

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