How I Love This Show

Best episode of the season (so far). It had everything-- a funny, very HIMYMish theme (the interventions), a hilarious Barney subplot (Barney in old man makeup trying to pick up younger women), and a flash-forward that gives us lots of new clues to play with (Ted's not wearing a ring, Lily didn't drink the scotch, Barney and Robin seem pretty close...).

Also, Ted was not as much of an annoying douche (that's doche, not dochae) as he has been in the past few weeks (although kicking those people out of their booth may have crossed the line a little). The pace was good (it all flowed naturally, which could have been a problem with all of the flashbacks) and Barney was able to both have his own sub-plot and fit in naturally with the major parts of the episode. There were funny, in-character bits for all five of our principle players and some really hilarious lines.


-"I do not like that stupid hat. I want to beat it with a bat. Or maybe stab it with a fork. It makes you look like such a dork."
-Ted's flail
- All of the intervention flashbacks
-Robin getting drunk and going all Canadian
-Barney as an old man ("Arthritis five!" and "I have no time to explain. I have to get back to the reality accelerator before the vortex closes!")
-Stuart and Claudia were back! The continuity fairy was working overtime in this episode.
-Lily: "It took you half an hour to pack?"
Robin: "It would have taken me 20 minutes, but a friend called me in tears."
Marshall: "Moving is very emotional, ok?"

About the flashforward. We pretty much knew after last week's episode that Stella isn't going to be the mother (somehow Ted has to be living with Robin on his 31st birthday- it seems logical that she comes back from Japan and has to live with Ted, who is still in the apartment after he and Stella split), but seeing him without a wedding ring in the flashforward almost definitely confims it. Also, I think the writers are keeping their options open with regard to Lily possibly being pregnant (she wasn't visibly bigger and her not drinking the scotch could be nothing, but if she does end up being pregnant, the continuity will work) and with Barney and Robin possibly being together (they seemed closer than they usually do, but it wasn't definitevly couple-ish behavior). They also established that at least one of the characters is living in the apartment, which is both a fun little clue and makes logistical sense for the show.


TiVo Queen said...

I felt like I was watching an episode of Lost! But funnier! Great episode!!!!

Lily said...


so. good.

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