Last Week's HIMYM: So Long, Stella

There wasn't a new HIMYM this week (they reran "Sandcastles in the Sand"), but seeing as I never got around to writing about last week's episode, I figured I'd do that today.

I loved "Shelter Island." We knew that Stella wasn't going to be the mother, but I'm glad they had her break it off instead of Ted. This wasn't the funniest of episodes, but it clicked because the writing was good and the cast played the dramatic elements just right. This isn't the last we're going to see of Sarah Chalke (she's signed on to do one more episode), but I felt like this was a good way to break up a couple that clearly wasn't meant to be without dragging it out for a whole season. The next six episodes or so are supposedly stand-alones (which are usually not my favorites, but I have confidence in Bays and Thomas) and then I hope we can get back to Barney and Robin.

Speaking of our favorite bromance, I loved how the Barney-Robin stuff in the episode played out. If they had gotten together (or even just slept together), it would have felt cheap because neither Barney nor Robin are at a place right now where a relationship would work. It also showed the frame of mind each character is in right now with regards to a potential relationship. Robin is clearly not completely opposed to hooking up with Barney again, but she didn't seem like she was looking for anything more than a hook-up. Barney tried to resist another girl (or girls, as the case ended up being), and couldn't. So he got to see first hand how his womanizing is blowing his chance with Robin.

I also have to mention the last scene on the ferry. Now Cobie Smulders has never been my favorite member of the ensemble (usually the order is Barney, Marshall, Lily, Robin, Ted), but I thought she did a fantastic job in that scene. The look on her face as she realized what was happening brought out the emotion in what was really not the most heart-wrenching of break-ups (the fault for that lies in the fact that Ted and Stella were obviously a doomed couple). (And I must add, there was a great song playing during that scene).

Cobie also did an excellent job with the Ted and Robin "Don't get married" fight (as did Josh Radnor). (Although how douche-y of Robin was it to expect that Ted would always be there in case she ever changed her mind about kids?) I liked the acknowledgment that there will always be a tiny something there, but I don't think their fight means that Ted and Robin are getting back together. We know that they will be living together at least by Ted's 31st birthday, but I think it will be platonic (hmm, someone just got back after moving to Japan and losing her apartment, Ted's roommates are moving out, I wonder how this will work...)

So, to sum up: great episode last week, and new episode next week.


Lily said...

i was trying to think of my order of faves but then i was like SCREW IT I LOVE THEM ALL why don't more people watch this show?

remember how when lily and marshall broke up marshall was a totall blubbering mess and it was really sad but at the same time sort of hilarious (due in part to the fact that jason segal is awesome)? they should do that with ted. because, like i said, it was kind of hilarious.

i'm actually kind of excited for the stand-alones because hopefully the writers will just go crazy and make it freaking hilarious. like ok remember the one with marshall's old fiero? something like that.

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