Pushing Daisies!

This show makes me so happy. I think that if I were depressed, Pushing Daisies would be just the thing to cheer me up. Pushing Daisies: Better Than Prozac.

Anyhoo, the show is great. Lee Pace is fantastic. His character is shy and doesn't have nearly as many lines as you would expect the lead in an hour long show would have, yet you watch him for one scene and you know everything you need to know about Ned's personality. His body language and line-delivery says it all. The rest of the cast is strong as well. Anna Friel's Chuck and Pace's Ned can never touch (she would die, it's a long story, watch the show), but they have more of a connection than a lot of TV couples that can't keep their hands off each other. I'm a bit confused at this point about who is biologically related to whom, but other than that, last night was outstanding. And seeing as "The Sound of Music" was the first movie I ever saw and pretty much the only one I would watch from age three to age eight or nine, I appreciated the homages to the classic musical. It was also great to see Diana Scarwid (Jaye's mom from "Wonderfalls") as the Mother Superior.

I'm a little worried, though. For serious, I saw the ratings for last night's episode, and they weren't good (it finished behind "Knight Rider." That show is about a talking car.) So please, if you like beautifully shot fairy tale-mysteries with a hint of dark humor, WATCH PUSHING DAISIES.


Anonymous said...

oops! Forgot to watch - maybe you could remind us, MADdy's TV, when your most highly recommended shows are going to be on (just a thought).

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