Really quickly...

I am pretty much about to fall asleep right here right now (it's Friday, what do you want from me?), but I just have to say that if you didn't watch last night's Office and SNL, you should because they were great. Quick highlights after the jump...

Finally a Meredith spotlight on The Office! Also, another classic Jim prank. I think I've watched the Jim-purposefully-mangling-sci-fi references scene about five times now. Season five of The Office has really come back strong.

On SNL, a good half-hour of political satire. The Obama-McCain spoof was funny (although not on the level of Tina Fey as Sarah Palin) and I loved that Bill Murray came back to ask a question about the Cubs. Sigh. There's always next year (We just got the new issue of Sports Illustrated, the one with Manny Ramirez (of the evil Dodgers who swept the Cubs last week, thus ending their season) on the cover, and my brother and I drew devil horns and a tail and changed his number from 99 to 666. He is the anti-christ. Sorry, I'm a little bitter.)
On the Weekend Update front, Really?!? is one of my favorite segments (Judy Grimes is the other justkidding it's not justkidding it is justkiddingjustkiddingjustkidding) and I loved the Oh My God, Are You Serious?!? segment within the segment.

Ok, I'm going to go sleep now. TV Tonight: The Ex List (CBS, 9), Num3ers (CBS, 10). Also, did you hear that Obama bought 30 minutes of ad time on NBC and CBS next Wednesday?


Anonymous said...

I didn't see all of the office, but a wonderful member of our household dvr'd it (yay), so I will. SNL was great - I agree, Bill Murray, as the particularly distraught Cubs fan was excellent, but you and your brother need to hold it together! (although your Grandpa would be proud...)

Lily said...

wow it's hard to believe that its season 5 of the office already. it seems like just yesterday i was scrambling to catch up on season 2 before season 3 started. i'm too tired to write anything else so i'll just say:


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