Terrific (well, kinda) Tuesday

I'm so excited about Pushing Daisies tonight! I really hope the CUBS PLAYOFF GAME (!!!) doesn't go too late. Anyways. In last night's TV news...

House: I think last night was the best episode of the season so far. I still miss the original team, but I don't hate the new team quite so much now. And while I was unsure about House's PI "friend" (are they really friends if House is paying him?) last week, I can officially say that I like him now. (Besides, he was in "Garden State". How can I hate anyone who was in "Garden State"?) And it seems like House and Cuddy may finally happen this season. Finally!
P.S. Wasn't the patient of the week that guy from "Clueless"? He was the skateboarder dude who ended up with Brittany Murphy's character. Oh man, he totally was! (And what ever happened to Brittany Murphy? She was in "Uptown Girls", but that was like four years ago.) (Ok, IMDb is listing a bunch of stuff I've never heard of. Thanks a lot, IMDb.)

Fringe: Also doing better. Not great, but the eye-rolling quotient was significantly lower. Although if they try to make "The Observer" into a recurring character, I will scream. He was not scary. And I'm normally scared of people with no eyebrows. Oh and show, please don't bring back Olivia's boyfriend. I mean, I know you're going to because it was in the promos, but could you kill him for real this time?

Privileged: Heart. And I'm now 120 million percent rooting for Charlie. He and Megan are adorable (although he could stand to be fleshed out a little more). Plus Jacob is boring and Will is kind of a douche. He thinks that when he's ready to grow up and date Megan, she'll be there waiting for him. "I like a good epic." What a jerk. By the time he matures into a good guy, she'll be having Charlie's babies. (Right? Right, show? No I know, this is TV, she's going to be with Will at some point. Just as long as she ends up with Charlie.)

Tonight's schedule:

6:30: CUBS GAME! (They play the Dodgers at Wrigley) (on TBS)

8:00: Pushing Daisies (depending on how the Cubs game is progressing) (on ABC)

DVR: Bones (Fox at 8)

I'm officially done with Top Model. Hannah and Isis are gone, and with them goes the controversy, so where's the fun?


TiVo Queen said...

I finally caught up on Privileged and agree - "I like a good epic" - ugh ugh ugh - like he's a catch with his track record?

Lily said...

admit it: you will miss the hilarious awfulness of antm. it is truly cheesy. and wierd. and sort of not really that relevant to fashion or the fashion industry. BUT THAT. IS WHY. IT'S SO. GOOD.

i will never give up on TYRA. hahahaha oh lord.

Lily said...

also, i charlie too. he's the best friend right? on the rich kid tutor show? well if he is, i like him.

Anonymous said...

I'll never leave House - the nasty, brilliant doc is just too good a character, no matter what else is going on in the show. As for Fringe, it's over for me.

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