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So I had one of those blah weeks where I was feeling sicker than usual (thanks to my crappy immune system, every little symptom I get is greatly exacerbated. It's lovely.) I watched a ton of TV this week, but I didn't get around to writing about it until now. Verrrrry quick (whenever I say that it ends up being not very quick, but I'm going to try, promise) (edit: Ok I totally lied) thoughts about a bunch of shows that I watched this week and a show that I got on DVD that I am now addicted to (which I promised myself would not happen again, but this show is so gooooood.) Anyhoo.

House: Best since last season's finale, and best normal episode (the two-part finale was fan-freaking-tastic, but it wasn't a normal patient-of-the-week case) in a very long time. We had the House-Wilson reunion, less scenes with the new team (always a plus in my book, especially when we have almost no Taub. Hate that guy. And the new-teamer we focused on this week was Kuttner, my favorite of the newbies), and a scene with the old team. Of course, next week it's all about Thirteen. If they have to do medical cases mirroring or personally involving team members, why can't we do a bromance episode? Or a House and Cuddy mirroring episode?

Fringe: Ok, I kind of don't remember this week's episode. I don't think it was good.

Pushing Daisies: I liked it. Something wasn't quite right (no pie hole?), but I love this show too much to say mean things about it. Besides, it's not like it was terrible, it just wasn't as good as the previous two episodes

Project Runway: I watched this because a friend asked me to tape it, and I was like, what the heck, I really don't want to watch the debate (I'm interested, I just get so worried that someone's going to mess up and it's going to be really awkward and I hate real-life awkward situations). So, it was kind of boring, but I was rooting for the girl who won, Leanne. I liked Korto, too. If I have to hear Kenley talk again I may stab myself.

Top Design: I watched this after P-ject Runway and I loved it. Maybe it's because I am obsessed with making my room as awesome as possible (I'm always moving stuff around, which really bothers my brother, despite the fact that he does not spend a whole lot of time in my room. Maybe it's because I always ask his opinion and then do the annoying, "Really? You like it? You sure you're not just saying that to be done with me?" thing. So anyway, this show is fun. And it's a good show to watch while you're doing something else (Like knitting. I need to finish that freaking scarf already, darn it.)

The Office: Maybe it's because I was in a really foul mood while I was watching this (stemming from the fact that my throat and stomach were feeling less than optimal), but I didn't think it was that funny this week. I liked the Jim and Pam bit (it was sweet but not overly sappy. Not that I'd ever protest sappy Jim and Pam. But you know.), but I hate Jan too much to ever find her funny. I hate her with the passion of a thousand suns, and I really have no idea why. Ok, I have some idea. She makes everything more awkward but rarely increases the funny. I hate Micheal when he's around her- I actually feel bad for him and I like Micheal a lot more when he's being insane than when he's sympathetic (although Steve Carell does an excellent job with everything they give him). I didn't like the much beloved "Dinner Party" episode because Jan ruins EVERYTHING for me.

SNL Thursday (I refuse to call it Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday): Not as funny as last week. Joe the Plumber being imaginary was funny (as was Simon the unicorn), but it wasn't as funny as it would have been if the actual Joe the Plumber had come on (or if they had someone play him). Weekend (THURSDAY, it's on THURSDAY, people) Update needs to ditch the "We liked it!" and stick with "Really?!?"

Crusoe: This show was surprisingly good. Not omigosh-go-out-and-tell-all-of-your-friends good, but good. I want that tree house. P.S. If he's so good with his hands, why doesn't he just build a boat? I mean, he doesn't have directions, but if all these ships are stopping by for treasure and whatnot, he must not be that far away from civilization.

The Ex List: Ehh. The charm is wearing off, due to increasingly annoying and/or boring characters. And Bella dresses like a girl my age would (I'll be 16 next week. Gifts are optional, but very much appreciated.)

Numbthreers: Is Morena Baccarin trying to make a career out of playing hookers? First Inara, now this. Kidding. It was good to see her. Also, did anybody see the trailer for Nathan Fillion's new series? It looks like crap. I mean, I want to like it, but the sexual-tension-in-the-workplace-between-people-who-can't-stop-squabbling-yet-are-somehow-perfect-for-each-other? It's been done.

And now for the series that I am newly addicted to: Sports Night. I love it. Love it. LOVE IT. I'll write more when I'm finished watching the DVDs (I just saw "Sally", which pretty much knocked my socks off. Did not see that coming.)

Ok, my dad is rearranging our basement and listening to Neil Diamond, and I think I will join him, despite having far superior music choices up here (currently listening to Citizen Cope, who just had a concert in our area that I wanted to go to so badly, but alas I am perpetually sick and can't do fun things like have a life.) (Did not want to end on a negative note like that. Here's something positive: New SNL tonight! Sarah Palin's going to be on. Not sure how that's going to go down, but I can't wait.)


Anonymous said...

I didn't see all of these shows, but the Office - I agree about Jan - just annoying, and I like the Michael character so much better as the bizarre boss than as the love-sick puppy. SNLOTH (SNL on Thursday) - so, so good - I thought they'd have someone playing Joe the plumber, but I think showing John McCain as kind of losing it was even funnier, and when Obama bent down to talk w/the 3-inch Joe - that was great! Pushing Daisies was good - anytime they feature (what's her name - the actress who was in Wicked) is a good day. House - gotta see that episode!

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