Weekend Update

Quick reviews of The Ex List, Numb3rs (Whenever I spell it like that, my brain always goes "Numb-three-rs" instead of "Numbers"), SNL, and Skins after the jump.

The Ex List: It was cute and pretty well written. It's perfect for Friday night viewing because it's fun but uncomplicated- I'll be fine if I miss an episode. Veronica Mars (!!) producer/writer Diane Ruggerio is behind the first six episodes, but she recently quit, so we'll see if there's a change in quality after her episodes are done.

Numb3rs: I watch this show with my parents. I like how the mysteries are generally engaging and intelligent (unlike, say, the mysteries on Bones), without sacrificing interesting characters (also a problem with Bones. So if the mysteries are bad and the characters are annoying, why do I still watch that show? Sigh.) Also, I'm not a big math fan (I don't hate it, it's just never been my favorite subject), but I really enjoy the whole "math is applicable to life situations" angle. Using math to solve mysteries could be boring, but the show makes it work with cool visuals and examples. Again, not must-see viewing for me, but if I'm home, I'll watch.

SNL: Hallelujah, a good week! Anne Hathaway was a great host (props especially for making fun of her jailed ex-boyfriend) and The Killers put on a good show. There was another great political cold open, with Tina Fey back as Sarah Palin, Queen Latifah reprising her role of Gwen Ifill, and Jason Sudeikis doing Joe Biden. Other highlights included a Mary Poppins sketch, a random-but-funny digital short, a spoof of the Lawrence Welk show (with Kristen Wiig once again earning her spot as my favorite), and Casey Wilson making fun of Katy Perry ("I held a cat, and I liked it...") Anne Hathaway got to show off her singing talent and a good time was had by all. Woot.

Skins: Well, that was... strange. I liked this episode overall, but the last ten minutes, with the cast mouthing the lyrics to "Wild World" and Tony getting hit by a bus were, well, not what I expected. And why are the writers trying to make us like Tony? He's a jerk! We know that! Stop trying to build up sympathy! Oh and Effy and Chris are officially my favorites. Just in case anyone was wondering. BBC America is going to start showing the second season (or series, as they call it across the pond) next week at the same time.


Anonymous said...

Agree - the cold open on SNL was great. Tina Fey, of course, was brilliant, but the guy who played Biden and Queen L. were just as good. I like Num3ers, too, and I agree w/you that they do a good job of making applied math interesting. Good characters, good stories.

Lily said...

hahahahaha snl was so good. i was really glad they finally gave casey wilson an actually funny part as katy perry, because she usually does the straight parts to set up other people's jokes. but OH MY GOD kristen wiig and her baby hands. SHE IS MY HERO.

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