What To Watch Tonight

At the suggestion of an anonymous commenter (who I'm pretty sure is my mother, but whatever), here's what's on tonight:

The Debate. 9, on a bunch of channels (NBC, Fox, ABC, CBS, PBS...) I usually like watching the post-debate coverage on PBS (go Mark Shields), but I was watching BBC America yesterday (for Skins) and I saw that they were also going have have coverage, which sounds interesting (more of a world perspective).

A repeat of House is on Fox at 8. It's the episode with that kid from "Holes" (no, not Shia LaBeouf, the guy who played Zero).

There's also this dumbass show, if you're interested in that type of thing.

I feel kind of bad, but I sort of want to watch Privileged (CW at 9) instead of the debate. I'm kind of all politic-ed out. Plus the debates are pretty much scripted and the answers are predictable so it's not like I'm learning anything new. I watched the Veep debate in the hopes that Sarah Palin would sprout a tail or shout out random non-sequiturs or implode, but I was sadly disappointed.


Lily said...

i'll probably watch the debate just so i can rant about it with nellie beckett in third period tomorrow. ew does anyone actually watch 90210? it is truly bad. truly, truly bad. some shows are dumb but fun to watch (i.e. gossip girl DON'T EVEN LIE YOU KNOW YOU SECRETLY LIKE WATCHING IT WHEN THERE IS NOTHING BETTER TO DO) but seriously this show just blows.

TiVo Queen said...

There's no shame in preferring anything over the debates at this point.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on what's coming, and BBC coverage could be interesting - good idea.

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