What To Watch Tonight

It's Thursday! (And Yom Kippur, although that ends at sundown and also is completely irrelevant here.) Lots of good stuff on TV tonight.

Ugly Betty (ABC at 8)is not a show I watch regularly, but I always enjoy it when I do. If they made a spinoff where Marc and Amanda were roommates and basically sat around making fun of ugly people all day, I would be their biggest fan.

Kath and Kim (8:30, NBC). It it just me, or does this show look ridiculously dumb? Tom Shales from The Post loved it, and he normally doesn't (the hell? spell check is not recognizing "doesn't") love dumb shows, but I can't shake the feeling that this is going to be a painful half hour.

The Office (NBC at 9)!!! Jim and Pam are engaged! I actually cannot wait for tonight.

Saturday Night Live Thursday Weekend Update. And they couldn't have called it "Thursday Update" because? Despite the long and contradictory title, I am super cised to have SNL in primetime.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the preview.

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