"The Bone That Blew"- The Show That Blows

I've given up on Bones ever being consistently good again. Maybe we'll get a quality hour here and there, but on the whole I think it's never going to regain the quality of seasons one and two.

There were lots of knits to pick in this episode, but the thing that bothered me most was the whole private vs. public school debate.

Some public schools are as good, if not better than, private schools. Case in point, a lot of the schools in the D.C. area where the show is set. Parker lives with Rebecca most (or at least a lot) of the time, right? If she lives in Montgomery County or Arlington County or many of the other good public school systems in the area, it would not be a disadvantage to send Parker to public school.

If Parker lives in D.C., however, the debate certainly would have been more important. While there are a few good public schools in D.C., the system as a whole is a mess. But Booth and Rebecca would surely have talked about this issue beforehand. I know the subplot was supposed to show Booth as a caring and involved parent, but the discussion didn't ring true. They were being so general about private vs. public, instead of talking specifics.


Anonymous said...

It's too bad - this show was really interesting and fun, and had the potential to continue in that vein, but they've blown it by not sticking w/their formula (and their cast - why was it a good idea to get rid of what's-his-face, the brainy squint?). Any recommendations for an alternative, similar viewing experience?

snuffelupagus said...

hello. i love your blog. you are awesome.

i live in a cave in the peruvian andes mountains, so i don't get very good internet access, but when i can get it i always read this blog.

i about bones. it's really gone downhill.

(the only channels i get in my cave are FOX and Telemundo.)

Anonymous said...

i thought booth and bones were like a couple. what happened to all of the sexual tension?

Caveman01 said...

Woah what a coincidence I also live IN a cave in canada but I have cable. GTG Montana baybeeeee!

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