House Hostage Hoopla

Come on. There is no way anyone, not even House, would give a hostage his gun back.

Also, considering there was a guy pointing a gun at House's head for most of the hour and eight minutes, this episode was surprisingly unsuspenseful. It tried so hard to be a Very Special Episode, but it wasn't nearly as exciting as it should have been. House did get a couple of funny one-liners, though.

And unlike many viewers, I actually like Thirteen, but I don't care about her enough to really have been emotionally invested in her storyline.

Based on the promo, next week's episode looks good, but then again, so did this week's, and we all know how that turned out.

P.S. Seven blood panels? That's nothing. I've gotten at least twice that in the past year.


Le-a said...

hello my name is le-a (it's pronounced ledasha) and i just wanted to say that dr. house is sooooo cool.

neffly the friendly girl dinosaur said...

hello i am neffly and i am a dinosaur who is also friendly and a girl. i would just like to say that dr. house is hot. i would tap that.

Lily said...

hello my name is lily. i am your best friend. i would just like to say that le-a and neffly, whoever they are, are completely incorrect. dr. house is, in fact, a meanie butt. he is just rude and nasty and pretentious and i dislike him greatly. so there.

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