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I've kind of fallen down on the job lately, huh? (Not that this is a job. A job pays. This is just for fun. Although wouldn't it be nice if I got paid for this? Well, nice for me. It's just an expression. What was I saying?)

So, some things that have happened.

The good:

The election. Very exciting. This topic has been all talked out though, so I'll move on to what this blog is supposed to be about: TV.

The Office. Still not back to season two levels of greatness (not even close, in fact), but the scene with Jim as Bill Buttlicker was hilarious. I also loved how Dwight was actually right about the sabotage. But why must the writers throw more wrenches into the Jim-Pam relationship? Or rather, why are they trying to create a problem where there is none? The simple solution to the "Pam wants to stay in New York" problem would be to have Jim move to New York to be with her, but the writers decided to add the issue of Jim saving to buy his parents' house in Scranton. You know what needs to happen? Micheal, acting impulsively and irrationally, should buy Jim's parents' house for himself. Then Jim's parents can retire, and Jim can join Pam in New York and get a job at Corporate.
Also, this deleted scene, where Dwight explains what he does with his bonus, makes me laugh:

30 Rock. Omigoodness, I love this show. This episode, especially, was hilarious. I just have one question: Do you pronounce "30 Rock" with the emphasis on the "ty" or on the "rock"? I've always said, "Thirty Rock" but I've heard a lot of other people say, "Thirty Rock." This is a very pressing issue for me. Pronunciation is important.

The Bad:

Ok, so I said no more politics, but I lied. I just have to say, California is a state so liberal that the second the polls there closed, all of the major news networks called the election for Obama, but it passed Proposition 8, which bans gay marriage? WTF? It's not a religious issue, it's a civil rights issue. If you do not approve of gay marriage, don't have one. That is all. Back to your regularly scheduled Bones bitching session.

Bones. Eee gads, this show annoys me to no end. So why do you keep watching, Maddy? Well, clearly, it's because I like to complain. And complain I will. I just have so many questions:
Dear Bones,
Why are all of your killers so obvious? Why are your cases so boring? Why is the Booth-Bones relationship moving backwards? Why are all of your supporting characters losing their maturaty? Why is Booth an idiot? Why is Bones's level of social competance always changing? Are you ever going to resolve the whole Zach thing? Why didn't Cam die last season when she was supposed to? Can Goodman please come back? Is the gravedigger ever going to be caught? Wasn't Ryan O'Neal arrested on drug charges? Will that change how often we see Bones's father? Why don't you use the adorable John Francis Daily for good and not evil (and by evil I mean annoying)? When will you understand that a lot of your "humor" is not funny, but rather pointless and time-consuming? Will we ever get another creepy, Howard Epps-like murderer? Why did all of the emotion leave your show? WHAT HAPPENED, BONES?
Much Love (remember, this is only for your own good),


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