Now That's How It's Done

Finally, a good episode of Bones. Well, except for the part where I didn't understand the mystery. But other than that...

The personal stuff was actually really interesting (how we've missed you, character development). And we saw the return of non-goofball Booth! David Boreanez, I'd forgotten that you can actually act. (For serious, you've got chops. So why you insist on playing Booth as an over-grown frat boy most weeks is beyond me.)

I was also really liking Clark last night. The squints' annoying unprofessionalism isn't nearly so bad when you have someone right there pointing out how immature they're being. It's even, dare I say, funny. How about we stop the inane Grad Student Of The Week and hire Clark full time? He seems to mesh well with everyone- I was getting Zach and Hodgins flashbacks with the garbage sorter. This episode also reminded me that the show is a lot better when the humor one, is dialed back and two, falls on the supporting characters instead of on Booth and Bones (who are so much more compelling when they are serious. I found myself caring about them last night. Actually caring. It was a strange feeling.)

The mystery was convoluted and hard to follow, but I really can't complain too much when we get an episode that doesn't interpret character development as "Bones walks in on Booth in the bathtub wearing a beer helmet."


Anonymous said...

Spot on review - I agree with every single word! Bring back the serious, let's-solve-a-case Bones and Booth, and hire Clark!

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