Uhh, so I kind of ignored this blog for about a week, which I'm sure was very upsetting to all six of you loyal readers (P.S. I always appreciate comments. They make me feel special. Hint, hint). So without further ado, some thoughts on the week of TV that I flat out ignored:

-Last week's HIMYM ("Woooo!") was pretty good (although this week was even better, and hopefully I'll get to that in a separate post). I'm a sucker for Dr. Suess-eque rhyming dialogue and the subtitles were clever, especially Ted's.

-The Office was also good. I laughed harder at Micheal's reaction to Toby's return than I have at anything on that show in a long time.
Man, how clueless is Micheal really if he mistakes salad for weed? It was pretty funny, though. And I'm glad that Pam liked the house.
I ranted last week about the writers dropping Pam's art storyline, and while it wasn't addressed in the episode, it was brought up in this deleted scene.

-30 Rock wasn't especially funny for the second week in a row. Though both the Jennifer Aniston and Steve Martin episodes had their highlights ("Esmeralda Fitzmonster" and the Tracey Jordan sex doll being used as a decoy), overall they fell flat.

-Privileged continues to be fun, fluffy viewing. That's really all there is to say about this show.

-I don't usually write about Ugly Betty, but I watched last week and I have to admit that I got warm-fuzzies during the last scene with Betty and Marc. The YETI storyline was a fantastic idea, and I'm excited to see how it plays out. Although why so little Amanda?
But also, Deputy Leo, Deputy Leo!

-Oh, Chuck. I heart you. You are awesome. You make me laugh. If you don't get renewed at the end of the season, I will mutiny (sorry, I've got pirates on the brain.)

-Fringe is getting better. I was so surprised-- I actually quite enjoyed this episode. Of course, tonight's episode is all about Dead Boyfriend, which means it will be heavy on Anna Torv, and we all know that isn't good. Sigh. One step forward, two steps back.

-After a good episode two weeks ago, Bones was back to its obnoxious, goofy seasons-three-and-four self. As Liz Lemon would say, blerg!

-I thought the actress on House who played the 16-year-old patient last week was very good. Although I don't know if accidentally letting your brother drown is worse than getting raped by your father and having your mother deny it. But I guess the dead brother was her fault, and a rape wouldn't have been her fault. Still, that last scene where we found out the truth felt a little anti-climatic. Tonight's super-sized episode looks good, though. As with funny rhyming, I am every hostage situation's bitch.

-McKey won Top Model. I didn't watch, but I would like to point out that I was completely wrong in my predictions.

-I am so mad about Pushing Daisies being canceled that I can't even be excited that Scrubs finally has a premiere date (Ok, that's a lie. I am so excited for Scrubs. But I am still upset about Pushing Daisies.) Last week's episode was excellent, as always. Ned's twin half-brothers are adorable. Almost as adorable as the pie maker himself. Why ABC, WHYYYYY???? (No one was watching, you say? What? LALALALALA CAN'T HEAR YOU)


Anonymous said...

Agreed - Bones was bad. It's become too goofball w/the main characters. I'm not watching again unless they get back to their original formula. 30 Rock was ok, I like the Tracey Morgan-helper-guy w/the southern accent dynamic. Can't comment on Pushing Daisies b/c I didn't watch it (sorry). The Office - not thrilling. How about House?!! - no mention?!! House/Wilson are always worth watching.

Lily said...

i think it's hilar no matter what :)

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