How this show can let me down

Ok, that was probably one of the best endings to any episode of any TV show ever (although my all time favorite would probably have to be when Wallace came back on "Veronica Mars"). Marshall singing "Let's Go To The Mall"? Perfect. And NPH singing is always a treat. Too bad the rest of the episode was forced and largely unfunny. I'm so glad that we finally got a Robin-Marshall plot, but the Ted-Lily-Barney-Ted's-little-sister storyline fell flat.
So all in all, the musical parts of this episode were excellent; the rest, not so much.


Lily said...

you know, i kind of agree. i thought the robin/marshall part was hilarious and adorable, especially "we invented trivial pusuit. YOU'RE WELCOME, EARTH."
but what i disliked most about the barney/ted's sister subplot was that how the hell does pretending you have just slept with barney make you more worthy of a co-sign on an appartment than you were before?
also, while i was watching it i had this moment where i was like "ohmygod, ted's sister is going to join the gang!" but then i realized that if they had 6 characters, 3 guys and three girls, with a married couple AND a brother/sister duo among them, they would be even MORE like "friends." and that's not really what they need.


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