Some of these things just perplex me and others make me want to throw heavy furniture at the nearest network executive (although I would have to throw quite far seeing as they're 3,000 miles away).

Do the writers of House think that putting the two most annoying characters together will somehow make them less annoying?

If I develop an extremely obnoxious personality, can I be one of the grad students of the week on Bones?

Do we really have to keep Agent Dunham around on Fringe? I know she's getting a little bit less annoying and the cases are getting better (A guy who gets stuck walking through a wall while robbing a bank? So cool.), but can we please have a Very Special Episode where she dies and the rest of the team gets to move on and solve more interesting cases without Agent Monotone holding them back?

We're going to have to wait until May sweeps for Barney to declare his love for Robin, aren't we? Sigh.

Are all of these guest stars on 30 Rock really necessary?

Psych, will you stop with all of the Shawn-Juliet stuff when you come back in January? I know they're cute, but just because the actors are together in real life...

Will the SNL writers give Neil Patrick Harris good material to work with when he hosts SNL in January 9? Please?

Scrubs, you had better go out with a bang. That is not a question; that is an order.

Does House really have to move to Monday nights? Really? What was wrong with Tuesdays? WHY IS EVERYTHING ON MONDAY NIGHTS?

ABC, will you please promote the crap out of Rob Thomas's new Cupid? KThanks.

Is Dollhouse going to be good? Will that even matter since all of the Whedon fans will watch or DVR and the rest of the universe won't care since it's on Fridays?

Why is Pushing Daisies dead? Why didn't people watch? Why would someone ever cancel a show where Kristen Chenoweth sings and plastic wrap kisses are utterly romantic?

HIMYM, I don't even know. It has been an up and down season. So I guess my question would be, get better?

And finally,
Can Chuck please keep doing what it's been doing all season? Cool.


Lily said...

ooooh is monday night becoming the new thursday night?? also, 30 rock can do no wrong. guest stars are necessary if tina says they are :)

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