Well, I started off talking about NCIS, and then I got off topic. That always seems to happen, doesn't it? (The getting off topic, I mean. Not the talking about NCIS).
Here I go a'rambling...

So lately, everywhere I go (on the interwebs, I mean), people are talking about NCIS. I guess it's been doing really well, ratings wise, and after years of ignoring it because it's a CBS procedural, critics and critic-types are finally showing it some attention because it is one of the few shows on TV today that can be classified as a solid hit. The general consensus seems to be, fairly entertaining show, not life-altering, but not a bad way to spend an hour. But I disagree. The characters are just so unbearable that I can't even get through it. Most of them are either over-the-top quirky (Abby, although I will admit she grows on you), or just plain obnoxious (Ziva and Tony, I'm talking about you here).

The episodes with Kate, which I gather are from the first two seasons, aren't nearly as bad, however. Having her there solves the problems of two of the worst characters-- she keeps Tony in his place and Ziva isn't yet on the team (she replaced Kate after she was killed). And I know that Sasha Alexander (Kate) wanted off the show, so they was really nothing to be done, but if I'm flipping through channels and see an NCIS episode pre-season 3, I'll maybe watch. Otherwise, not so much.

Killing off a character where the actor wants to leave is always better than kicking a perfectly good character off for no reason, though. Speaking of Bones, why is it moving again? But whatever. I am officially filling that show under I Don't Give A Crap. (Oh, who am I kidding? It has me under a spell. I am in its evil crutches and am powerless to resist. Gahhhhh.)

The worst time-slot move is going to be House to Mondays at 8, though. My DVR will be so confused because it will try to record House, HIMYM, and Chuck and that just won't work out. If my DVR were a person, it would be like, "Whaaaaaaaat??" (Of course, right now my DVR won't record anything because the guide isn't showing up. Aarg. I really don't want to have to call Fios again and have them come and try to fix the set-top box again only to have it malfunction for the zillionth time three days after they've "fixed" it.)

Fios, oh Fios, why won't you work? Sigh. I mean, you give me super fast internet, which is nice. And I guess your phone service is alright even though our caller ID is really crazy. (Which is fun, because sometimes you can tell who's calling if the phone feels like telling you backwards and sometimes it's just a bunch of numbers and symbols and gobbledygook (ok, how is gobbledygook in spell check but Obama is not?)

I really do need my DVR too, because next week Scrubs is back (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), but it's on at 10, which is after I go to bed (don't make fun of me! I'm sick, remember? Plus it's good to get at least 8 hours of sleep.)

Oh man. In the immortal words of Elliot Reid, frick on a stick with a brick.

Update: So apperently I'm a dumbdumb. Scrubs is on Tuesdays at 9. But I still need my DVR!


Katie said...

Hiya Maddy,

I wandered over here from ALOTT5MA.
I also watch waaaaaay too much TV, but I'm not productive about it like you are! You are a great writer, and I'll definitely be checking out your blog in the future.

Keep up the excellent writing!

Anonymous said...

ok, oh FIOS maven, time to give the techies at FIOS another ring!

Lily said...

hmmmm i shall have to watch me some NCIS so that i can formulate an opinion and have something constructive to add to the discussion.


Kate said...

ummmmmm you must have no idea what you're talking about, I AM AWESOME.

Ziva said...

yeah, must agree with kate. we are not insufferable, WE ARE NCIS, BYOTCH. WOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Mads said...

Thanks Katie!

And Lily, I know those last two comments are also from you :P

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