A Random Idea

So I was in the shower this morning (where I do all of my best thinking. Well, there and in bed at night waiting to fall asleep) and a thought popped into my head: Why haven't they made a TV show out of Garrison Keller's Lake Wobegon stories? I mean, networks are constantly remaking old shows or creating shows based on comic books or movies or whatever, right? Well, here you have perfectly good source material (books and radio segments detailing the adventures of the quirky residents of a small town), that provides a familiar enough premise (TV audiences love shows set in small towns- "Northern Exposure," "Gilmore Girls," etc... ), and also supplies many stories that could potentially lead to a long-running series. If Garrison Keller narrated the show, it would be even better.

I should pull a Maeby F√ľnke and get a secret job green-lighting and producing scripts.


Anonymous said...

I like your idea - he's always great to listen to in the morning, and the small-town thing has a lot of possibilities. Maybe you should email him...

Lily said...

further proof that you have a future in TV- this is BRILLIANT, DAHLING! but no seriously, i would totally watch that.

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