Lauren, are you proud of me? I'm going to watch Gossip Girl

No new HIMYM until next week (sigh), but Lifetime is showing episodes in syndication starting tonight at 7. Since I've seen all of the episodes about a bajillion times, I think I will be watching Gossip Girl tonight.

So I watched the promo, and apparently Chuck is about to jump off a building after letting everyone within a five mile radius know who he is (He's Chuck Bass, that's who). Also, lots of people punch each other and then some other people make out (although doesn't that happen every week? I guess the making out is to be expected, but I mean really, how do all of these kids not have assault charges filed against them by now?) Finally, Jenny gets a clue and does something about that awful haircut (Ok, I lied, that one was just wishful thinking).

It all sounds very exciting. I stopped watching Gossip Girl when HIMYM and Chuck came back, around the time that Nate was sleeping with Blair's then-boyfriend's step-mother. Apparently things have moved right along since then. Well, we'll see. It is a fun guilty pleasure show, though, not gonna lie.


this is lily but i'm too lazy to log in said...

hahahah oh, little jenny and her terrible, awful mop-top. yeah i think im going to start netflix-ing (netflicking?) gossip girl because i kind of like it.

Mads said...

Really? Last night was pretty meh for me. I was switching back and forth between Gossip Girl and Secret Life of the American Teenager (which is basically the opposite of GG- it's from the same creator as 7th Heaven (which: blech) and is all about earnest kids and their parents acting like idiots).

Good thing Scrubs is on tonight because I've been going crazy from the lack of quality TV.

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