Midweek roundup: Idol and Scrubs

A couple of Idol thoughts:

JASON CASTRO'S BROTHER IS ON THE SHOW! It's fairly obvious that he has no training (he did admit that he just started singing a month ago), but he has a good voice, so hopefully Castro the Younger will be around for a while. Remember how much I loved Jason and his inability to string words together last year? That is how much I love Micheal Castro already.

Oh, and I like the new judge.

And because I'm lazy and don't feel like writing another Scrubs post, I'm going to take this opportunity to squee about Elliot and J.D. Ready? THEY'RE BACK TOGETHER!!!!!! And although, not gonna lie, I would have been happy to see them dating again even if it happened in a really stupid way, the fact that they've both clearly grown up and will hopefully get things right this go-around just adds to my happiness.


Lily said...

can i just admit something? real quick? i miss crazy neurotic wierd elliot.

just puttin' it out there.

Katie said...

i loved jason castro
and all of his awkwardness
in the interviews
i'm not sure if i'm going to feel
the same love for lil brother
i guess i like the hippie-dippie type

and so far, i'm a fan of kara
can't wait to see how she handles
bikini girl during hollywood week!

and now i am greatly enjoying "the office"
especially dwight's song about rules!

Mads said...

Aw, I thought his brother sort of had the same awkward-hippie vibe about him. Not a big fan of the pink hair, though.

My favorite auditioner of the past three weeks and the one I'll be rooting for next week in HOLLYWOOD (finally) was Adam Lambert, the guy who was in Wicked. He played Fiyero (yes I looked it up because I am a musical theatre geek)-- the male romantic lead-- so he obviously has the chops. Plus he was adorable. Although he does have David Cook (post-makeover, at least) hair.

I also was a fan of the girl who preformed one of her own songs. She was one of the sob stories, and those people usually bother me, but not [what was her name?]!


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