On the one hand...

On the one hand, How I Met Your Mother is on tonight.

On the other hand, Spencer Pratt and Hedi Montag are guest starring, along with a bunch of other fame whores that I've never heard of, and I make a point to ignore people like that.

On the other other hand, apperently they're appearing on a magazine cover that comes to life (to Marshall, at least), so it seems their damage will be minimal.

On the one hand, Ted and Robin are going to sleep together again, and I reallllly thought we were done with that.

On the other hand, hopefully Barney's jealousy will come through and we'll be one step closer to Barney and Robin as a couple.

On the other other hand, Ted and Robin??? AGAIN?????

On all of my hands (how many are we up to by now?), it's a new HIMYM. I'm there.


Anonymous said...

I liked it! Even with Speidi

lynda said...

me too! my favorite part was "thanks, super-hot lady who my wife keeps telling me why you're famous and i keep forgetting!"

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