Scrubing Back In

Scrubs is officially back! And you guys, it's fantastic! I thought the first episode was funnier, but the second half-hour did a great job balancing the emotion with humor so as to not let the dramatic moments get too heavy-handed. I preferred the first episode, but thought both were excellent.

Things I loved:

-All of the Ted bits.

-The interns (this was a surprise to me as I was really worried about the interns and the effect they would have on the show. But they turned out to be quite funny (Jo/Denise was my favorite) and it will be interesting to see JD, Turk, and Elliot dealing with being on the teaching instead of the learning side of things)

-The Janitor/Maddox interactions ("But what about my son?" "That's my daughter!")

-Stuffed JD

-The meta moments at the end of the first episode

-The outtake at the end of the second episode

-the Death Cab song

-The terminally ill patient (I know everyone else in the world already knew who Glynn Turman was and expected him to be great, but this was the first thing I've seen him in and I was really impressed.)

-Flare guns on the roof


-Almost everything, actually. I'm sure my excitement in having Scrubs back didn't hurt my enthusiasm for the episodes, but there was so much old-school Scrubs goodness going on in both episodes that I have very little to complain about. In fact, my only real problem with last night's double feature would have to be with:

-Courtney Cox, surprisingly. She was a bit too out there (and bit too Monica Geller) for her character to be effective. Bill Lawrence was really pleased with her performance (they're even doing a pilot together), though, so maybe (hopefully) next week we'll see a funnier side of Dr. Maddox come out.


Lily said...

my favorite part was the very tail end of the first episode. when jd was talking about how they needed to have the same enthusiasm they had in their first couple of years, and they never win any medical awards because dr. shalube wins everything, and the neilsens don't like them and they were really talking about the emmys and the neilsen ratings and tony shalube's critically acclaimed performance on "monk" and how everyone says scrubs isn't as good as their first few seasons.

Lily said...

also: what i didn't like was how elliott thanked carla for calling her whiny and self-centered. that's not honest, it's just mean. i mean, ok, elliott needed to think about someone besides herself, but carla is supposed to be her friend, she could have put it a little nicer.

john smith said...

wow, this Lily is so articulate and clever. she should have her own talk show.

doris muffler said...

i agree. not to mention the fact that she's hilarious and cool.

Lily said...

oh, you guys. stop it.

Anonymous said...

The second episode reminded me of "My Old Lady" from season 1. Both made me tear up. And isn't Glynn Turman wonderful? He was on "The Wire."

violet m. said...

hey maddy! i found a cool website that explains tv jargon and gives a bunch of examples. i'm sure you already know about it, but just in case you didn't, i thought you might find it interesting.

violet m. said...

haha oops i forgot the url:

Mads said...

Thanks Violet! That's a really cool site.

Tom said...

I actually liked the second episode better because it was more emotional. But you're right, that really was a fantastic song that played over the final montage. Was was it?

Mads said...

The song that played at the end of the second episode was "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" by Death Cab for Cutie.

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