If you're not watching Chuck, I don't think we can be friends

Well, it's been a while. First I didn't blog because I was doing really well (health-wise, I mean) and I didn't have time (you know, there's so much to do out in the real world when you're not being hindered by constant exhaustion) and then I didn't blog because I was feeling so terribly that all I could do was lie on the couch and watch hour upon hours of Buffy (can you believe I'd never seen it before? I can't. But I'm really glad I hadn't, because I sure needed it during those few weeks).

But now I'm doing okish, which is better than horrible but still not quite as good as really well. I'm at my grandparents' house in California, and instead of finding and printing out something resembling a Haggadah to use for Passover tomorrow tonight (it's a long story...), I'm going to extole the virtues of Chuck. Why? Well, for one it's amazing, I love it, and why aren't you watching it? But for two, it's because TV blog Give Me My Remote has declared this "Chuck Week" and is encouraging people to spread the word about this delightful little show (Does anyone else get this song stuck in their head when they use the word delightful? Just me? Ok.)

Anyway (I swear if I was being graded on this my english teacher would cross out the first two paragraphs and write GET TO THE POINT in red ink), Chuck is awesome. And it really should have more viewers. So watch it. Let's go through the list:

Do you like action? WATCH CHUCK
Do you like comedy? WATCH CHUCK
Do you like romance? WATCH CHUCK
Do you like hilarious fake bands? WATCH CHUCK
Do you like indie-rock scored montages from the master of all indie-rock montages? WATCH CHUCK
Do you like crazy fight scenes? WATCH CHUCK
Do you like really sweet opening credits? WATCH CHUCK
Do you you have a Neilson Box and therefore have some power in whether or not Chuck gets a third season? FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, PLEASE WATCH CHUCK


Mads said...

Because apparently I go off on crazy tangents but leave out essesntial information-- Chuck is on Mondays at 8 on NBC.

Martha Flynn said...

Ok. I get it. Watch Chuck. :) I *did* start watching Chuck (for Baldwin) back when it premiered. Even though I lurved Baldwin and really lurved the whole Mr. Awesome running joke, I didn't get into the chemistry between the two main characters. I hear the issue resolved after I left the show so I'm willing to come back!

dre said...

There's one problem w/Chuck - it's on at the same time as House! (and no, I can't wait for the dvr version...).

Lily said...

duuuuude can I sign up to get one of those nielsen box thingies? don't they like pay you or something? ADSKLFA;DFJ PLEEEEASE??
also-- chuck is not my favorite, but I see why people like it.

Mads said...

Unfortunately, you can't just sign up to get a Nielsen box. It is indeed a bummer.

Caps Lock said...

Agreed. Thank god you started bloggin again.

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