In which I (briefly, and in no particular order) discuss the finales I've watched.

Chuck: There are no words. Well, maybe one: AWESOME.

Scrubs: It was perfect. Cried like a baby. Brother made fun of me.

The Office: Love. Made me laugh and gave me warm-fuzzies. What more could I ask for?

Fringe: Still hate Anna Torv. Still love Walter and Peter. Last shot was intense.

House: WTF?

Bones: See above.

The Big Bang Theory: I may not love the show, but I sure do love Sheldon.

30 Rock: "We sure had quite a year." "What are you talking about? It's May." Hee.

How I Met Your Mother: Not as funny or as epic as I was hoping it would be (remember the season 2 finale?), but the Barney/Robin stuff was great.

Castle: Kinda like this show. Nothing revolutionary, but quite entertaining.

Dollhouse: The second to last episode was better, but I still have hope for next year (and am still reeling from the revelation that there will be a next year). Alan Tudyk is a god.

Better Off Ted: This show has made me laugh more than anything else on TV lately.

Parks and Recreation: Still not loving it, as much as I want to.

SNL: Having Amy back at the Update desk made my life. Also making my life: Celebrity Jeopardy (minus Kristin Wiig's Kathy Lee Gifford. Love Kristen, hate the character).


Dre said...

I thought House worked, only because Hugh Laurie can look distraught and haggard like nobody else. And nothing about 24?! Cherry Jones as the Prez is great, but cheeseball ending...

Mads said...

I don't watch 24 because it gives me nightmares.

For serious.

I am a wimp.

(This is part of the reason why I'm scared to start watching Lost.)

Caps Lock said...

24 was the biggest fail of an ending ever...

Lily said...

AHAHAHA remember that time we painted our nails while watching 24? and samir was like "THOSE TWO THINGS CANCEL EACH OTHER OUT."
himym wise, I thought the barney-robin stuff was super awk. to me the best part was marshall's "well you're very pretty, but you're freakishly tall and you don't believe in ghosts."

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