This most aptly sums up my feelings about the news that Better Off Ted, Dollhouse, and (probably hopefully oh pretty please) Chuck are getting renewed.

That goodness combined with this HIMYM promo (ridiculously spoilery, btdubs) have made me a happy camper, boob tube wise. And since I'm about to go to my best friend's dance recital, the all around mood is quite excellent. In case you were wondering.

As soon as school is over and the craziness goes away, I will update you all on what I've been up to (and by what I've been up to, I mean what TV I've been watching) and other fascinating topics, including, but not limited to, why my new-found love for Buffy will never compare to my love for Veronica Mars. But for now I just wanted to say YAY.


Martha Flynn said...

Nothing compares to Veronica Mars!!

Dre said...

so awesome to start the blog w/the H chorus!! glad you're back...

Lily said...

p.s. that's mah dance recital WOOOOOOOT.

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