So I Wish I Could Dance

But I can't, which is why it's so fun watching other people show off their skills.

Here we go:

Jeanine and Phillip. At first I thought Phillip was paired with Janette, who annoys me to no end, and was extremely distraught. Thankfully, I was incorrect. I like Jeanine, even though I have no memory of her existing until last night. Tabitha and Napoleon were obviously trying to follow up last year's week one sensation, Katee and Joshua's "No Air" with another emotional hip hop routine, and while this one didn't pack quite the punch, it did the trick.

Asuka and Vitolio. Oh, they are so screwed.

Karla and Jonathan. I watched the show last night with my friends Lily, Alex, and Emmett. This is the approximate conversation that went on during Karla and Jonathan's dance:

Me: Who are these people?
Lily: Who knows? Wow, that guy looks really young.
Me: Aw, he's cute.
Lily: Wait, how old is he? Is this wrong that I think he's cute?
Emmett: They all have to be 18. You're fine.
Lily: Phew. *pause* Oh my gosh, what is he wearing? Is that mesh?
Me: Nipples! You can see his nipples!
Emmett: That's... kind of strange.
Lily: Boys, take note, NEVER WEAR MESH.
Me: Wow, I can't focus on the dancing, now all I can see are the nipples.
Alex: Um, can we go now?

Randi and Evan. As a vertically challenged person myself (I'm small but mighty, bitch), it was great to see the shorties hitting their number out of the park.

Paris and Tony. We had another discussion about costumes during this one, the moral of the story being that leather zip off pants are never ok. Beyond that, the Tabitha-Napoleon choreography was bad (this show needs to get other choreographers when they don't want love story hip hop) and I don't really like either dancer. Pass.

Caitlin and Jason. Ok, part of this may have to do with the fact that I think Jason is extremely attractive, but I really enjoyed it. Also, Bollywood's a crowd pleaser (especially when the song is from "Slumdog Millionaire") even though, as guest judge Adam Shankman pointed out, they were most definitely out of sync for part of the time. [Waaayy off topic: I was watching the Buffy musical episode for about the zillionth time last week and I saw that Adam Shankman choreographed it and and AND he was in the background dancing during the scene where Anya and Xander were arguing after they had their big number. So that was exciting.]

Jannette and Brandon. Ewww, I really don't like her. I can't really explain why, I just don't. I can already tell that Jannette is going to be the subject of my irrational hatred this season (remember when I hated Brooke on Idol? Sigh, good times.) Also, while I can appreciate a good foxtrot, they're not exactly exciting to watch, which I'm sure will hurt them where voting is concerned. But that's ok- Jannette can be sent home and Brandon can get a new-non annoying partner. Or they could do something crazy with the rules and invent a loophole that will bring Natalie back. Because that was so not fair.

Ashley and Kupono. This Wade Robson routine was weird, but in the best possible way. I loved the crash test dummy concept (which immediately made me think of the crash test dummy episode of Pushing Daisies, which made me happy because that's what that show does to me and then sad a second later because I remembered it was canceled.) The end of the dance especially, when they ran off stage together holding hands followed by the sound of a crash and a tire rolling onstage, made me smile. And hey, Kupono got a haircut! Good call on that one, buddy.

Melissa and Ade. See I think I would have liked this more if the judges hadn't overpraised it. Because it was a very nice contemporary number, but I think you need to see something like the table dance, or Bleeding Love, or the doorway routine before you start busting out the word special.

Kayla and Max. Samba! In the Latin dance battle, I declare these two the winner over Karla and Jonathan. Oh and Kayla is so going to be the girl that Nigel pervs over this year. I mean, they all will get the Nigel Ogling Eye, but she will be his special favorite.

Overall, fun, fun, fun. Except that the mute button on my remote is broken. Mary Murphy, please, spare my ears!


Martha Flynn said...

I am the only person on earth who didn't like the bollywood sequence! The dance was fine, but I felt Caitlin under executed.

Jonothan and Janette are my picks to go.

Mads said...

I think I might have been paying too much attention to Jason to really notice Caitlin. :)

Although they didn't get the boot this week, I don't think that Jonathan and Janette will be on the show much longer. After all, watching this show inspired Jonathan to start dancing, so he has much less experience than some of the other contenders. And Janette is self-taught (in addition to being really, really annoying).

But thank goodness Tony is gone. If I had to see his smug face again, I might have gotten up and slapped the TV. And I really don't want to hurt my TV.

Lily said...

lul. wait which one's the cute brother again? I LIKE THAT GUY BEST. he's so cute.

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