When You're A Spy...

...Starting a new season is like going back to summer camp. You're excited to see your old friends, can't wait to make some new ones, and it's always hot, hot, hot. Yesterday's episode was a fairly normal episode of Burn Notice, but even normal episodes of Burn Notice are pretty freaking awesome. Next week we get introduced to this season's Carla, the character who will intermittently make trouble for Micheal, Fi, and Sam. Except instead of being a mysterious agent with no morals, it's a cop, "played by 'Terminator Salvation's' Moon Bloodgood." Since I haven't seen "Terminator Salvation," I have no idea if I'm going to like this person, but I'm excited nonetheless (because let's face it, I'm always excited). Side note: Isn't Moon Bloodgood a really cool name?

And because this isn't really worthy of it's own post, let me just mention that SOAPnet (ugh, what an annoying name. If I ever have to talk about it again I'm gong to spell it Soap Net, like any normal person would. It's like SyFy...) constantly shows reruns of The O.C. and right now they're at the beginning of season one (aka when the show was actually good). So I've been DVRing that. It's so nice to go back to a time when Marissa didn't ruin everything and Caitlin hadn't magically aged.


Meredith said...

Moon Bloodgood is such a cool name. I wish I had watched an episode of "Terminator Salvation" just so I would know what type of person has the name Moon Bloodgood.

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